Wk2-Plaster Casting

Even though it seemed like a fun idea, I wasn’t able to go to the beach with everyone on Thursday because I had my Bio 211 lecture and lab right after. It didn’t help that I was also going home that weekend so I had a hard time finding time to go to the beach. I had to improvise by bringing the beach to my house.

At first I thought about going to the park and using their sandlot but I figured that it wouldn’t be such a good idea with all of the kids and parents around. My dad went to Home Depot to buy playground sand ($5 for a 50 pound bag holy moly…) and Joann’s to buy the plaster (50% off thanks to coupons 🙂 ).

We got an old bucket and filled it with the playground sand and dug a hole for my hand. My dad helped me pack the sand around my hand

After that we quickly mixed the plaster in a seperate bucket and filled the mold in.


I couldn’t really dig out my mold so I had to scoop the excess sand around it to help remove the plaster.

tumblr_o1sl3zf5qn1r28ovco4_1280 And…the end result wasn’t very pretty….

I thought a fist would be an easier position for the plaster to settle in but it ended up really layered and it didn’t fill my mold…I mean what happened to my thumb?? But it was a fun experience nevertheless, I’ve never worked with plaster before! I’m sure with better techniques and practice, I could’ve gotten a better result.


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