Wk 6- Art Experience

For our art experience this week we went on a photo walk lead by our very own students. Each one of them lead their group and toured around campus exploring things to photograph. Almost all of them sounded identical, going to the pyramid, Brotman Hall, the H2O fountain, so I wasn’t particularly interested in any of them. However Jing Huan Ooi’s tour interested me as I don’t usually go to lower campus. We went down Friendship Walk and took pictures!

I tried to experiment with sun glares and different angles. Sometimes I would get super close, like with the detailed picture of the tree trunk, and other times I would get a wide shot trying to capture the whole landscape.





Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Hannah Mandias

This week I talked to Hannah! She’s from the Inland Empire, specifically Fontana. She moved to San Bernardino in her sophomore year but didn’t like it because it was in the desert. Her hobbies include painting, drawing, makeup, and eating at all sorts of food. Her favorite cuisines in order are Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, and Indian Food. She wants to Japan, Korea, Europe, and Thailand. She loves tsums tsums and can play the ukulele. One thing that she wants to do in her lifetime is get a black pug and name him/her Mochi. Her pet peeve is snobby and stubborn people who can’t admit that they’re wrong.



Wk 5- Art Experience– Coiffure

In this week’s art assignment, we had to choose between cuisine, couture, or coiffure and then experiment with our idea. I chose coiffure.

Dying your hair different colors like pink or blue has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. I really like color ombres though, it’s a lot more subtle than an all over color  and you don’t have to worry about your roots growing out!!

I already bleached my hair about 2 years ago so all I had to worry about was the dye. I sectioned my hair into two pieces (thus the pigtails) and then began to make the dye!

Making hair dye is pretty simple, all you need is the dye and conditioner to mix it with. The more conditioner you add the more pastel you can make your color! I kept the dye fairly concentrated because the ends of my hair isn’t super blonde so I need more dye for the color to actually show up.

I was supposed to keep the dye in for 20-30 minutes but I kept it on for an hour, just to make sure that the color stays put and won’t wash out as early. I lost my natural lighting so I had to go to the bathroom to get a picture. The lighting definitely dulled down the color; its a bit brighter in person. tumblr_o2xjg1auy31r28ovco6_1280

I could’ve also dyed my blonde streak but I chose not to because I wanted to keep it a bit on the subtle side. But overall I had a lot of fun with the process! It made me want to go out and buy even more colors to dye my hair with!

Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Andre Ritter

Artist: Andre Ritter
Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity
Media: Metal, Steel, Aluminum,
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East and West
Website: N/A

Andre Ritter graduated from CSULB last spring with a BFA in Metals. His hobbies include comic books, volleyball, The Walking Dead, and visiting art galleries to get inspiration. He has two sons, at ages 10 and 8, and is helping set up an art program  at their school. He hopes to turn a STEM school into a STEAM school and is looking forward to create new art students. He is planning on having 2 studios within the school, one for 2-dimensional art and the other for 3-dimensional art.

Being a Metals major, Ritter usually works with various types of metals for his artwork. His lantern piece was made out of aluminum, which was very easy to work with. The straight lines on the side of the lantern were actually cut by a water jet instead of a laser for a crisper finish. Most of his metal designs are usually geometric shapes like circles and squares but he also incorporates organic shapes like swirls.  He said that the hardest metal that he’s ever worked with was steel.

His inspirations come from nature, motion, and other people’s art galleries. He is also fond of all things exotic, such as tiki designs. He dislikes open space and wants them to be fill every room. Out of all media, he chose to work with metals because he likes the permanence that his art can have and how it can be enjoyed for the many years to come.

I really enjoyed looking at Ritter’s artwork. I haven’t seen an artist whose arts are dedicated to just metals. It was really refreshing to see the different types of metals being formed into something totally new.


Wk 4- Artist Conversation- Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan
Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals
Media: Ceramics, Paint, Sculptures, Wood
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: http://http://www.cargocollective.com/samueljernigan
Instagram: samueljenri 

The artist exhibiting this week is Samuel Jernigan. Jernigan is an artist from agricultural central California and he graduated from CSULB with a BFA in Ceramics. There was a time where he lived in his car because he would work on his pieces for 16 hours a day. Abandoned toys from the flea market are his inspiration for his sculptures. He wanted to do something that would bring them together.

Jernigan’s art consist mostly of ceramic pieces that resembles scraps of toys put together. Some of his pieces are brightly colored, which emphasizes his theme of childhood, while others are not, which invokes a feeling of incompleteness. The artist likes to use highly-pigmented colors and is very specific on the brand of paint. Being in ceramics, all of his pieces have a very smooth and clean finish.

In his gallery, Jernigan wishes to bring the ideas of abandonment and belonging together in one piece. Using old and inadequate toys left by their owners, he joins the parts together in order to bring a new sense of purpose in them. He hopes that his art would remind us of our childhood, a time where everyone was naive and had fun everyday.

To be honest, I was a bit disturbed when I went into the gallery. All I saw were creepy, misshapen toys. But once I got to learn the true meaning of it, I definitely saw the gallery in a different light. Instead of being creeped out, I felt sad for the pieces because they were thrown away by their owners. However, Jernigan brought new hope into them by putting them together to create a sense of belonging.


LA Art Book Fair Extra Credit

I invited some friends to go with me to the LA Art Book Fair on Saturday. The day had a bad start because I thought we were going to meet at MOCA individually but we were actually supposed to meet at the Metro station so I ended up being an hour early. I decided to go ahead and just meet them there. I walked around for a bit to past the time, exploring the Walt Disney Music Hall, The Broad, and the Water Court! My friend called and asked where I was and I realized that I was at the wrong museum. OMG. It was a close enough walk and it would’ve taken longer if I took the bus so I just walked down to the other MOCA in Little Tokyo.




The museum was filled with eccentric people, you could tell just by their clothing. It was our first time going to an art event like this so it took some time getting used to. Artists were selling their merchandise such as prints, buttons, clothing, zines, and tote bags. It was really cool to see all of the variety of styles in one place. There was also a lot of art pieces that confused us (there was a vendor selling painted rocks for $50???) but to each their own…

However there was one booth that caught my eye! It was the Giant Robot booth, a store that sells the art of multiple artists. This specific piece by Audrey Kawasaki was my favorite in the entire fair. The mystic atmosphere, subtle colors, and soft facial expression is what drew me to this. If I could, I would’ve gotten it but it was $110 for an unframed print!!



Me and the owner of Giant Robot! The print I was talking about is cut off but it’s there on the far right.


Wk 4-Graffiti Writing

This week’s art experience is graffiti! Coming from Los Angeles I’ve seen my fair share of graffiti and have come to appreciate the artists. I went to the LA Arts District once and to see entire walls covered in it is really mesmerizing.

I had a piece of cardboard lying around so I decided to use that as my canvas. Obviously, I had to work on it in an open space so I went to an open space in the grass behind my dorm. I looked online for bubbly graffiti fonts and I tried to copy it but in the end I just free-handed it. There wasn’t a huge variety of the short spray paint canisters at Joann’s so I went with the colors pink and black.


I’ve never worked with spray paint before so I wasn’t sure how it was going to look like. I was scared that the nozzle wasn’t going to be precise and the paint would spray everywhere but it was actually pretty easy to use! The can covered a good amount of space but I was still able to outline the letters clearly.


I tried to add “shine” to the letters but it came out a little messy because of the nozzle and the spacing of the letters. I also tried to draw a cat on the bottom left hand corner! It was difficult…a lot more difficult than the letters…tumblr_o2h8p17h0c1r28ovco1_1280

Wk4- Classmate Conversation

At the gallery today I talked to Anthony! We were both surprised that only two galleries were open this time instead of four like last week. Only one artist was there, Samuel Jernigan, was there so we decided to talk about his exhibit. Anthony was reminded a lot of Dr. Seuss when visiting this gallery, even the artist’s name reminded him of the main character of Green Eggs and Ham.The multiple fish sculptures in the room made him think of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Even the themes of youth and childhood of the gallery relate to the beloved author. Anthony thought that the color schemes and general aesthetics really emphasize how natural and beautiful ceramics could look.  Even though there were some without color, he felt that it shows their “imperfection perfection” and their incompleteness.

Me and Anthony!

Wk 3- Artist Conversation- Josh Vasquez

Artist- Josh Vasquez
Media: Sharpie, Paint, Wood, Paper, Garbage Bags, Flowers
Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery West
Website: http://www.joshvasquez.com/
Instagram: @joshybehr
Tumblr: @joshybehr

Josh Vasquez describes himself as a “painter, drawer, and artist from Los Angeles”. His parents hail from El Salvador and support his work. He initially pursued art because he can’t see himself doing anything else. Through art he is able to express himself and that’s what he loves to do the most. Currently he is a 5th year undergraduate at California State University Long Beach under the Painting and Drawing Program. Even though his emphasis is on painting and drawing, he also likes photography. In his current gallery exhibition, he focuses on life and death.

Using the themes of life and death, Josh carefully chose the materials for his artwork. “Short-lived” items like ink and rotting flowers were used in his pieces. More durable materials like plastic garbage bags and paper were used to make a contrast between the media and to emphasize the overall theme of life and death. The gallery didn’t have much variation in color, Josh used only black paint for his pieces and the colors of the flowers were very muted. The lack of color gave the gallery a very dark and mysterious vibe.

Josh wanted to convey the message of life and death for this gallery. He liked the idea of trying to combine two contrasting ideas into a single piece of art. In the pieces he also attempted to mix in other contrasting ideas as well, such as black and white, hard and soft, masculinity and femininity. For his flower piece, he got the idea from the Los Angeles Flower District; he saw the flowers being thrown away and he wanted to reinvent them into something new.

Out of all the exhibits I went to, Josh’s interested me the most. His powerful and well thought out brush strokes in his paintings left a strong impression on me and gave a feeling of “dark beauty” throughout the gallery. Upon hearing Josh talk about his work, I grew more intrigued because of how much thought he put into his pieces from the general concept and down to the materials of the works.


Wk3- Snapchat

Last Thursday we went to check out some really cool art galleries at CSULB! Being a science major, I’m not familiar with their art programs at all so it was really refreshing to explore this side of the school. For our art experience this week, we had to utilize Snapchat to share our “Snapsterpieces” of the art galleries.


My first Snapsterpiece came from the Dutzi Gallery done by the Art Ed Student Association. The sculpture reminded me a lot of an anime figurine with the striking pose, unique attire, and the detail in the overall figure. The picture looked boring by itself so I scrolled through the emoji list and tried to find one that would match. The shooting star emoji caught my eye because it was blue like the sculpture and I thought that it would complement the powerful stance. I’ve seen a lot of figure photography done in photo studios and I tried to mimic their style, showing off the important aspects of the model.


This Snapsterpiece was from the Max L. Gatov Gallery West by Josh Vasquez. I actually got the idea for the picture from my friend Anthony! (https://anth0nythefirst.wordpress.com/). I saw him take a picture of the flyer outside of the gallery but I wanted to include Josh’s art in it so I went back inside to take the picture. I tried to fit as many pieces as I could into the picture so I backed myself in the corner to take it. I added five twinkle emojis above the hanging art to help brighten up the picture.


I screenshotted this picture from Anthony! I really like the unique dimensions of the drawing, even the ground looks like an optical illusion!  I used Anthony’s picture because I liked his use of emojis; it really emphasized the angles of the picture and you could tell that he put effort into it by the position and size of the emojis.


This snap is from Amber (https://aboldenimages.wordpress.com/)! I think everybody was a bit confused on what this piece of art was and what it represented. To me it looked like potato chips sewed together haha. Because it was on a hanger some, like Amber, thought it was an article of clothing. I liked her combination use of text, emoji, and drawing to change the work into something else.

When Snapchat got popular, I didn’t really understand the appeal of it. I didn’t understand why you would post something only to have it be deleted a day later. When I post things on social media, like Facebook, I usually do it to preserve memories so I can look back on it later. Eventually I deleted my Snapchat because I didn’t see the point of it but I revived it when I got into college because it seemed like EVERYBODY had a Snapchat and it was their most active social media.

I was reluctant to use it again but the more I started using it, the more I grew to like it. I like how it can be like Instagram where I can post pictures/videos of friends or food. The difference is that people won’t get irritated if I post multiple times a day; it’s their choice if they want to view my story and if it gets too long they can easily exit out of it. Plus I like how you can see who has seen it, it shows that people are actually interested in my day and what I post (or they could just be bored out of their minds..).

People like the ephemerality of Snapchat. They usually post random things they experience throughout the day like food, a cute dog walking down the street, or an embarrassing moment of a friend. Since these are just short snippets of their lives, it’s okay for it to be deleted the next day because they’re nothing too important. The temporality of Snapchat gives people a chance to glimpse into the recent lives of their friends and see things from their perspective.

(To further elaborate on the embarrassing moment here’s a Snapchat of me sleeping on the car ride to a dance competition. Even though it’s not the most flattering picture of me, it’ll only be on her story for a day. It’ll give people a good laugh and then they’ll forget about it the next day.)