Wk3- Snapchat

Last Thursday we went to check out some really cool art galleries at CSULB! Being a science major, I’m not familiar with their art programs at all so it was really refreshing to explore this side of the school. For our art experience this week, we had to utilize Snapchat to share our “Snapsterpieces” of the art galleries.


My first Snapsterpiece came from the Dutzi Gallery done by the Art Ed Student Association. The sculpture reminded me a lot of an anime figurine with the striking pose, unique attire, and the detail in the overall figure. The picture looked boring by itself so I scrolled through the emoji list and tried to find one that would match. The shooting star emoji caught my eye because it was blue like the sculpture and I thought that it would complement the powerful stance. I’ve seen a lot of figure photography done in photo studios and I tried to mimic their style, showing off the important aspects of the model.


This Snapsterpiece was from the Max L. Gatov Gallery West by Josh Vasquez. I actually got the idea for the picture from my friend Anthony! (https://anth0nythefirst.wordpress.com/). I saw him take a picture of the flyer outside of the gallery but I wanted to include Josh’s art in it so I went back inside to take the picture. I tried to fit as many pieces as I could into the picture so I backed myself in the corner to take it. I added five twinkle emojis above the hanging art to help brighten up the picture.


I screenshotted this picture from Anthony! I really like the unique dimensions of the drawing, even the ground looks like an optical illusion!  I used Anthony’s picture because I liked his use of emojis; it really emphasized the angles of the picture and you could tell that he put effort into it by the position and size of the emojis.


This snap is from Amber (https://aboldenimages.wordpress.com/)! I think everybody was a bit confused on what this piece of art was and what it represented. To me it looked like potato chips sewed together haha. Because it was on a hanger some, like Amber, thought it was an article of clothing. I liked her combination use of text, emoji, and drawing to change the work into something else.

When Snapchat got popular, I didn’t really understand the appeal of it. I didn’t understand why you would post something only to have it be deleted a day later. When I post things on social media, like Facebook, I usually do it to preserve memories so I can look back on it later. Eventually I deleted my Snapchat because I didn’t see the point of it but I revived it when I got into college because it seemed like EVERYBODY had a Snapchat and it was their most active social media.

I was reluctant to use it again but the more I started using it, the more I grew to like it. I like how it can be like Instagram where I can post pictures/videos of friends or food. The difference is that people won’t get irritated if I post multiple times a day; it’s their choice if they want to view my story and if it gets too long they can easily exit out of it. Plus I like how you can see who has seen it, it shows that people are actually interested in my day and what I post (or they could just be bored out of their minds..).

People like the ephemerality of Snapchat. They usually post random things they experience throughout the day like food, a cute dog walking down the street, or an embarrassing moment of a friend. Since these are just short snippets of their lives, it’s okay for it to be deleted the next day because they’re nothing too important. The temporality of Snapchat gives people a chance to glimpse into the recent lives of their friends and see things from their perspective.

(To further elaborate on the embarrassing moment here’s a Snapchat of me sleeping on the car ride to a dance competition. Even though it’s not the most flattering picture of me, it’ll only be on her story for a day. It’ll give people a good laugh and then they’ll forget about it the next day.)



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