Wk 4-Graffiti Writing

This week’s art experience is graffiti! Coming from Los Angeles I’ve seen my fair share of graffiti and have come to appreciate the artists. I went to the LA Arts District once and to see entire walls covered in it is really mesmerizing.

I had a piece of cardboard lying around so I decided to use that as my canvas. Obviously, I had to work on it in an open space so I went to an open space in the grass behind my dorm. I looked online for bubbly graffiti fonts and I tried to copy it but in the end I just free-handed it. There wasn’t a huge variety of the short spray paint canisters at Joann’s so I went with the colors pink and black.


I’ve never worked with spray paint before so I wasn’t sure how it was going to look like. I was scared that the nozzle wasn’t going to be precise and the paint would spray everywhere but it was actually pretty easy to use! The can covered a good amount of space but I was still able to outline the letters clearly.


I tried to add “shine” to the letters but it came out a little messy because of the nozzle and the spacing of the letters. I also tried to draw a cat on the bottom left hand corner! It was difficult…a lot more difficult than the letters…tumblr_o2h8p17h0c1r28ovco1_1280


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