Cathy was a fairy born in the year 1997 but due to a freak accident had been frozen until 2046. She was found in an iceberg and then was transported to Moonbase Alpha for further investigation. She was a bit confused during the process but got used to living on Moonbase Alpha after she was released.

Because of her special powers she usually goes around helping people. Her powers aren’t very strong so she can’t aid in major events like preventing a natural disaster or aliens. Her daily life consists of flying around Moonbase Alpha looking for various things to help out with like, getting a cat out of a tree, jump starting a vehicle, crossing the street with the elderly, just to name some.

Throughout her time on Moonbase Alpha she has met a countless amount of people with unique personalities. Here are some of the people that she’s met!

Alexa Luna– Alexa used to be co-workers with Cathy. The worked in the same organization that help families and orphan. However Cathy felt too constricted and left the team. But she and Alexa still keep in touch.

Frank Spacey– Cathy met Frank a little while back when She was given an award for her assistance with the creation of the first park on Moonbase Alpha. He’s a quite prestigious man so he rarely has any time to see old friends.

Rocko– Rocko had once asked Cathy to collaborate on a Youtube video about the park that she helped build.


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