Wk 1o- Art Experience- Instagram

For this week’s Art Experience we had to post 4 or more pictures onto Instagram! I like Instagram and I check it often even though I usually post something every couple of weeks. It has a very mellow and almost hipsterish vibe and I like how most of the pictures posted pay a lot of attention to aesthetics.

I posted things that would fit my Instagram aesthetic so I posted pictures of food I ate, pretty things I saw, and lastly a selfie. I wanted to delete them after this assignment was done but they fit my profile so well that I don’t want to anymore! They were all around 40 likes, and most of them were from mutual followers.  Being someone that posts every couple of weeks, I got a little anxious posting 4 times in the same day. I got new mutual followers that day and I didn’t want them to think that I post this often! Even posting twice in a day is pushing it a little bit. I’m not sure why posting more than one picture is such a taboo, it just is.


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