Wk 13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: Untitled
Media: Foam, Wood, Plaster, Cement
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-East
Instagram: nickbamf4d

Nick Bamford is a undergraduate at CSULB and will be graduating this spring with a BFA in ceramics. After graduating he plans to take a year off to continue his art and then apply to graduate school. Bamford is from up north but lived the majority of his life in Huntington Beach. One of his hobbies is playing his guitar. He has a little sister who is in accounting. He’s been interested into art since he was a kid but a ceramics in high school is what inspired him to major in ceramics.

This exhibit was interesting to me because of the Bamford incorporated the use of black lights. The black lights made whites and neon colors stand out in the room. H even used colored fluorescent lights and fans with lights on the blades to enhance the luminescence in the pieces. Bamford’s exhibit has a feeling of randomness with all of the miscellaneous items on the sculptures like a shopping cart, bird cage, flags, lamps, etc.

Bamford’s exhibit is about finding objects and bringing them into a new context. He wanted to create something unique, something that isn’t the traditional sculpture, thus the plethora of objects on the pieces. He used black lights to add a sense of distinctive flair to his exhibit.

I enjoyed Bamford’s exhibit. Although the objects on the sculpture may feel random and crazy, I feel that you can always find something new when looking back at his works.  Looking at his pieces can even have a calming effect I think.


Wk 13- Art Experience- Art Care Package

I am going to send my Art Care Package to Charles Watson. In it I included, scratch paper that I used to do Chemistry problems, a flyer for CSULB’s BREATHE campaign, a flyer to help a band play at Van’s Warped Tour and a drawing of the Star Wars.

An ACP and Snapchat are similar in a sense that you are sending someone some sort of message. Snapchat however is much quicker than an ACP. I think ephemera can have significance depending on what it is. A parking ticket holds no value and doesn’t bring good memories to the holder so I think it’s considered worthless. However giving someone a piece of memorabilia like a ticket or bracelet has more meaning attached to it because the giver sees it as an important item. Giving it to someone would kind of be like transferring that happy moment to someone else.


Wk 13- Classmate Conversation- Florence Balthazar

This week I got to talk to Florence! He is a freshman at CSULB and is currently undeclared but hopes to get into nursing. His hobbies include eating out, playing video games, and online shopping. Some of his favorite games are Pokemon and Super Smash Bros. He works at Babies R Us and lives in Cerritos. He wants to travel to Japan because he has family there.

Wk12- Art Experience- Geocaching

I saw a geocache in the parking structure and began to look there. I thought it would be easy because so many had posted pictures of it but after 40 minutes of walking around I began to give up. As I was walking back, of course, I actually saw it. Unfortunately I was too short to reach the container so I left without logging myself in.

Since I was already there I decided to hide my container in the structure too. Even with pictures, it’s hard to find things in there because everything is the same, gray color. I put random things in my container like hair bands, binder clips, and pennies.


Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation- Jing Huan Ooi

This week I talked to Jing Huan Ooi! She is a 3rd year transfer, originally from Malaysia, and majors in Electrical Engineering. Her hobbies include watching k-dramas and documentries, some of her favorites are “She was Pretty” and “Oh my Venus”. She hopes to become an engineer or start up a small company. Her favorite food is KBBQ.