Wk 13- Art Experience- Art Care Package

I am going to send my Art Care Package to Charles Watson. In it I included, scratch paper that I used to do Chemistry problems, a flyer for CSULB’s BREATHE campaign, a flyer to help a band play at Van’s Warped Tour and a drawing of the Star Wars.

An ACP and Snapchat are similar in a sense that you are sending someone some sort of message. Snapchat however is much quicker than an ACP. I think ephemera can have significance depending on what it is. A parking ticket holds no value and doesn’t bring good memories to the holder so I think it’s considered worthless. However giving someone a piece of memorabilia like a ticket or bracelet has more meaning attached to it because the giver sees it as an important item. Giving it to someone would kind of be like transferring that happy moment to someone else.



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