Wk 15- Classmate Conversation- Eddie Castillo

For the last week I got to talk to Eddie Castillo! We actually helped each other in the Moon Base Alpha Art Experience! Eddie is a first year Political Science major but he was a Computer Science major last semester. He was born in Irvine and moved a lot as a kid and he went to Huntington Beach for high school. He loves dogs and he has a Maltese poodle at home. His favorite food is sushi and would like to travel to Japan. His favorite Art Experience of the class was plaster casting.



Wk 14- Art Experience- Japanese Garden

Even though I dorm, I rarely go to the Japanese Gardens. I’ve walked through it multiple times before so I already know what’s going to be there. However, sitting down and finding things to draw really made me look at things individually. For example, instead of looking at the bridge as a whole, I would concentrate on the ornate sculpture on top of the rails.

These were my 3 actual drawings. The first one was the wood panels that held up lanterns nearby the Japanese-style house, the second was one of the sculptures on top of the bridge, and the last one was a fence by the rock garden. These took some time as I had to look at the finer details of each piece.

These were my abstract drawings. The first one was inspired by the water ripples, the second was inspired by the round gray rocks surrounding the water, and the third was inspired by plants. For these abstract drawings, I didn’t really focus on the actual object but more on the shapes or patterns that they each had.

These pictures are of the wood panels by the house, general view of the garden, koi fish. The garden is pretty photogenic overall so it wasn’t hard to take some good photos. I’ve also noticed that it’s been arranged in a way that you can see the majority of the garden if you look down from the entrance.

For these abstract pictures I tried to photograph things that people wouldn’t usually photograph. The first one was shadows made on the ground, the second was a close up shot of a plant, and the next was a close up shot of a leaf with a heavy shadow behind it.

Wk 14- The Secret Life of Tumblr Teens

I started my blog, nekohy (feel free to take a look, and if you go far enough to see NSFW posts, I hope that you will turn a blind eye…), during the summer before my freshmen year in high school, so long ago that I can’t even see it in my archive. One of my old best friends, Stefanie, showed it to me and I thought I’d give it a try. Stefanie and I started off with similar blogs, both focusing on Asian fashion, Korean Pop, and girly pictures with deep quotes written on top. However as the years have gone, by our blogs (and our relationship) diverged. She continued with Asian fashion and in addition had posts about romance. Currently, my blog is filled with anime/manga, memes, and photography. What a combo. You can tell that I’m a pretty avid Tumblr user so I was interested in this article. I really like reading analyses (often on Tumblr about popular series) because I’m not really smart enough to think of these by myself so I often read about other people’s views and see if I agree or not. I was expecting this post to be about the strange culture that Tumblr created but I was met with an in-depth article exploring a world of Tumblr that I wasn’t even aware of.

I follow people who post about series I like, fan art, or those I know in real life. I never followed a blog that was solely comedy or just because it was popular so I didn’t know about Tumblr user pizza. I’ve seen their URL on my dash but I’ve never gone out of my way to check out their blog and give them a follow. The blogs that I follow don’t usually have ads on their theme so I didn’t even know that ads could be a huge source of revenue for the owners. The Great Termination of blogs honestly sounds like a myth to me because I’ve never seen anything about it on my dash, I was completely unaware that this even occurred. It always seemed highly unlikely that people can make money off of their blogs so I never really gave it a thought. I feel kinda about for Lilley and Greenfield because they gave up college to work in a growing network of internet websites only for it to dramatically die off.

Tumblr was once was a website where introverted nerds could come together and make a group of friends. Unfortunately I was not one of those people; I wasn’t popular in Tumblr. Over the 3 1/2 years, I just hit 400 followers. Recently I’ve noticed that Tumblr culture has spread all over the internet. Being a nerd is considered normal and self-deprecating jokes are relateable to everyone. It’s gotten so popular that it even affected our language mannerisms. “Same” and spelling out acronyms like “TBH” and ” SMH” are some examples. It’s really ironic how the current teenage culture is lead by a site that was originally made of up introverted teenagers who were seen as outcasts.

Wk 14-Art Experience Feedback

My 3 favorite Art Experiences from this semester would have to be Landscapes with a Corpse, Snapchat, and Game Design. I love photography, it’s something that I would love to do more but I really just don’t have the time to do it. Whenever I’m out, I always keep an eye out for great photography spots. Just today I saw a bridge with an industrial looking background behind a Red Lobster and a circular building which was definitely inspired by Asian culture in the middle of a street. Landscapes with a Corpse gave me the freedom to design a set of what I wanted the picture to look like, even though I wasn’t the one taking the picture. Next, Snapchat. Snapchat is a app that I used everyday and I check up on everyone’s stories when I’m bored so this experience was very easy for me to do. Also it helped me play around with settings that I don’t usually use and it helped me look at my pictures in a different way. And lastly, Game Design. The idea of an in real life game of hide seek is a really great idea! It’s something that you can easily go out with friends and hunt down each cache. I was really hyped up about it but actually looking for the cache by myself was really tiring. But honestly the feeling of accomplishment was worth it when I found the cache!

My 3 least favorite Art experiences were Plaster Casting, Graffiti Writing, and Group Video Activity. My reasons for not liking these experiences are very similar, they took too much time and/or materials. For Plaster Casting, I wasn’t able to go to the beach with everybody because I still had class afterwards and I didn’t have time to go to the beach during the week so I had to do it at home. I didn’t have sand so I had to go buy a 50 pound bag of sand from Home Depot. It’s playground sand so my family doesn’t really have a use for it so it’s just sitting in the garage taking of space. With Graffiti Writing, I can’t drive so I had to ask someone to drive me to Joann’s and then back to my dorm. I really don’t like inconveniencing others so I felt uncomfortable asking for the ride. And with the Group Video Activity, I didn’t actually do it, I opted out it voluntarily. I remember I had my first Bio test that week so I was stressed out the entire week and couldn’t think of anything besides Bio. I knew it would be a hassle to get a group together, meet up with them, and then edit the video later on so I just didn’t do the activity. It if was something like the Instagram Art Experience, I could’ve easily done it but the Video Activity just took out too much time for me.