Wk 14-Art Experience Feedback

My 3 favorite Art Experiences from this semester would have to be Landscapes with a Corpse, Snapchat, and Game Design. I love photography, it’s something that I would love to do more but I really just don’t have the time to do it. Whenever I’m out, I always keep an eye out for great photography spots. Just today I saw a bridge with an industrial looking background behind a Red Lobster and a circular building which was definitely inspired by Asian culture in the middle of a street. Landscapes with a Corpse gave me the freedom to design a set of what I wanted the picture to look like, even though I wasn’t the one taking the picture. Next, Snapchat. Snapchat is a app that I used everyday and I check up on everyone’s stories when I’m bored so this experience was very easy for me to do. Also it helped me play around with settings that I don’t usually use and it helped me look at my pictures in a different way. And lastly, Game Design. The idea of an in real life game of hide seek is a really great idea! It’s something that you can easily go out with friends and hunt down each cache. I was really hyped up about it but actually looking for the cache by myself was really tiring. But honestly the feeling of accomplishment was worth it when I found the cache!

My 3 least favorite Art experiences were Plaster Casting, Graffiti Writing, and Group Video Activity. My reasons for not liking these experiences are very similar, they took too much time and/or materials. For Plaster Casting, I wasn’t able to go to the beach with everybody because I still had class afterwards and I didn’t have time to go to the beach during the week so I had to do it at home. I didn’t have sand so I had to go buy a 50 pound bag of sand from Home Depot. It’s playground sand so my family doesn’t really have a use for it so it’s just sitting in the garage taking of space. With Graffiti Writing, I can’t drive so I had to ask someone to drive me to Joann’s and then back to my dorm. I really don’t like inconveniencing others so I felt uncomfortable asking for the ride. And with the Group Video Activity, I didn’t actually do it, I opted out it voluntarily. I remember I had my first Bio test that week so I was stressed out the entire week and couldn’t think of anything besides Bio. I knew it would be a hassle to get a group together, meet up with them, and then edit the video later on so I just didn’t do the activity. It if was something like the Instagram Art Experience, I could’ve easily done it but the Video Activity just took out too much time for me.


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