Wk 14- Art Experience- Japanese Garden

Even though I dorm, I rarely go to the Japanese Gardens. I’ve walked through it multiple times before so I already know what’s going to be there. However, sitting down and finding things to draw really made me look at things individually. For example, instead of looking at the bridge as a whole, I would concentrate on the ornate sculpture on top of the rails.

These were my 3 actual drawings. The first one was the wood panels that held up lanterns nearby the Japanese-style house, the second was one of the sculptures on top of the bridge, and the last one was a fence by the rock garden. These took some time as I had to look at the finer details of each piece.

These were my abstract drawings. The first one was inspired by the water ripples, the second was inspired by the round gray rocks surrounding the water, and the third was inspired by plants. For these abstract drawings, I didn’t really focus on the actual object but more on the shapes or patterns that they each had.

These pictures are of the wood panels by the house, general view of the garden, koi fish. The garden is pretty photogenic overall so it wasn’t hard to take some good photos. I’ve also noticed that it’s been arranged in a way that you can see the majority of the garden if you look down from the entrance.

For these abstract pictures I tried to photograph things that people wouldn’t usually photograph. The first one was shadows made on the ground, the second was a close up shot of a plant, and the next was a close up shot of a leaf with a heavy shadow behind it.


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